Once Upon a Book Club – January 2017

No one ever knows what to expect from Once Upon a Book Club and though I work for them, I’m no different.  As a curator for the future YA box, I know nothing about the adult boxes, so each month they’re a huge surprise for me.  Check out the details below!

As I now work for Once Upon a Book Club, this is not an official ‘review’ however I will be sharing my thoughts as I definitely don’t want to ignore this box completely!  In the future I’ll be posting both a sealed photo as well as a completely unboxed photo of all gifts to allow anyone interested to truly see what is included.

The January box featured a ton of springy colors and a bright and cheerful looking book, titled “In the Light of the Garden by Heather Burch”.  Knowing the title beforehand, I won’t lie, I looked into it and it definitely sounded like a book I could get into!

The gifts included an array of goodies but everything was incredibly useful and definitely had a lot of thought put into them.

The adult box is, and always will be a mystery to me but I’m so excited to be on board for the future YA box (available now!).  I’ll be selecting the titles and gifts with the help of Michelle to ensure that they’re just right for the boxes.  I’m so excited to be on this journey!

I hope you all will join me in celebrating the branching out of Once Upon a Book Club into the YA genre and please feel free to direct any questions to me at any time!


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