Hoot Loot Box – January 2017

Hoot Loot Box is a newer, part book, part beauty box that is run off an Etsy shop, meaning that it is not an automatically renewing subscription.  The January box was themed “Wizards and Wilderness” so obviously I had to give it a try!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, with the price point being 38.99, but obviously I was expecting a large amount of products to meet that pricing standard.  I was not disappointed.

Hoot Loot was FILLED with tons of goodies that I was not expecting and every time I thought I was done, I found more hidden inside the box!  I was really pleased with the quantity, but how about quality?  Let’s take a closer look.

The first item was a Daily Prophet bookmark by Paperly & Co.  This design was really cute and super durable, as it was laminated.  They also contributed another bookmark, featuring a watercolor design with the words Expecto Patronum in J.K. Rowling’s handwriting.  Both were really cute and really durable, so I was pleased with these.

Paperly & Co. contributed a third item as well, in the form of a candle!  The scent was Forbidden Forest and I was SO pleased with it!  I am typically not a huge pine girl, but it was absolutely lovely and earned a place on my HP shelf!  Also from Paperly was a Quibbler button, which as Luna is my favorite character I was SO happy to have a bit of her in this box.  It was absolutely adorable and I’m really pleased to add this to my button collection.

Finally, Paperly & Co. also contributed a set of two, Hogwarts Professors magnetic bookmarks.  It was random which you received (though guaranteed you’d receive your own house), and I got Professor Sprout and Professor Flitwick.  These are so, beyond adorable and I’m really happy with these two!  I also love that they were exclusive to the box!

A Dark Mark temporary tattoo was also included, from River Rat Designs Store.  This is a pretty common item that I’ve seen in a lot of Harry Potter themed boxes, so I wasn’t really wow’ed by this.  But it was good for a filler item.

KayPopArt added a GORGEOUS Quidditch pitch art print to the box, which came flat on cardboard and took up nearly the whole bottom of the box.  This is probably one of my favorite art prints I’ve ever received and I’m SO happy to have this!

I hadn’t heard of TeaSoapBooks before, but after receiving these House themed bath salts, I’d love to receive more from them!  These smell phenomenal and were themed to match your house.  Cannot wait to use these!

Incanto Cosmetics sounds like something I’d love, but receiving this exclusive Horcrux inspired mineral eyeshadow was a bit disappointing.  It was not very pigmented and would take a lot of work to get to show up.  I loved the grey tone and thought it would be wonderful for blending but I wasn’t thrilled with this item.

Also included in the box was a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter which was, again, typical of a HP themed box so I wasn’t overjoyed with this added bit, but they also included socks!  I’m a total sucker for an adorable pair of socks and this pair, which resembles your designated house robes is just too cute!  Definitely a love!

Finally, the book this month was a December release, Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill.  They also included an exclusive coloring page for the book from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt which was super cool!  The book was released about a month before the box shipped so it was definitely a good choice to include, however it was selected for another box in the month of December so many people had already received it.  No fault of their own, but it was a HIGHLY anticipated release, so it was to be expected.

Overall,  I think the company was wise to use Paperly & Co for so many of their included products, as I’m sure it brought cost down.  I really liked how many other companies they included as well and that the quality of most products was very high.  Overall, an awesome box!

I believe Hoot Loot is on hiatus until April, but check out their shop and stay up to date for their return – they’re definitely a box to keep an eye on!


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