Litcube – January 2017

My final rep package with LitCube arrived and I’m so sad to say goodbye to this wonderful subscription!  I’ll definitely be signing up for future boxes but until then, say hello to the Mother of Dragons!

The January theme for LitCube was Mother of Dragons, with most of the items revolving around dragons and/or Game of Thrones!

The first item was the book, and this month they featured Heartstone by Elle Katharine White, plus a signed bookplate from the author!  This historical fantasy sounds absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to get into it!

Also included this month was a beautiful (and exclusive!) Game of Thrones wall scroll featuring the Mother of Dragons herself, along with her three dragons and the quote:
“I will do what queens do.  I will rule.”
This is absolutely stunning and I definitely need to find a place to hang it soon!

The snack this month was a bag of nacho chips and cheese, which honestly I felt was pretty random, but hey – I’ll never complain about anything involving cheese dip!

The wearable this month was a dragon claw necklace, featuring a dragon claw wrapped around a red ball.  I think the red ball could have looked more like a stone or something, maybe not so polished but for the theme they were going for, this did the trick!

Finally, another exclusive this month was a standard size pillow sham which reads:
“The Moon of My Life.  My Sun & Stars.”
This is probably one of my favorite items they have ever sent out – it’s functional, pretty, unique and goes with the theme!  I’m really pleased with this item and definitely am going to get it on my bed ASAP!

Overall, this box was okay.  Definitely not their best or worst, just somewhere in the middle.  It did include one of my all time favorite items though, so no major complaints!

If you’d like to grab your own Litcube box, head over to their website and check it out!


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