Uppercase Box – January 2017

As always, Uppercase Box created a beautiful box for the month of January, featuring some absolutely incredible items!

I think the reason I love Uppercase so much is because it’s unexpected.  I never know what I’m going to find in the box, and it’s just something different from all the themed boxes out there.

That said, I LOVE that I hadn’t even heard of the January book selection, Frostblood by Elly Blake (signed of course!).  This sounds like an absolutely phenomenal fantasy read, and I’m really excited to read it!  Also included was a really cool Frostblood magnet, which is up with all my other bookish magnets!

The first item this month was really confusing until I checked out the spoiler sheet – as it looked like a piece of bumpy green construction paper in the shape of a book!  Turns out, it’s seed paper from Bloomin!  It’s an herb mix and I can’t wait to see what’s in mine!

The final item this month was an absolutely stunning (and Uppercase exclusively designed) Alice in Wonderland scarf!  This design features original artwork from the book along with splashes of color and quote passages from the story.  This is probably one of the most beautiful and detailed custom pieces Uppercase box has included and I’m really excited to have it!

I am so thrilled with my Uppercase box this month, and as always if you’re looking to start a book subscription, this is one I definitely recommend!  Be sure to check them out!


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