Authored Adornments Box – January 2017

Authored Adornments Box featured Pride & Prejudice as their January theme before heading on hiatus for a few months to move – but what an incredible send off!

I am so sad that this is my final rep package from Authored Adornments but I have to admit, I’m incredibly pleased to be ending on such a wonderful note!  This box blew me away and I’m really quite excited to see what they’ll do when they come back!

The first item included from Authored Adornments was a beautiful toggle bracelet, featuring the quote “Obstinate, headstrong girl!” This is a perfect quote for the tough, reader girl in all of us!

The second piece from Authored Adornments was a lovely keychain that reads:
“I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.”
Me too girl, me too.  But really, this piece is SO cute and I love the square shape rather than the traditional rounded.

The Darling Collective contributed a handmade, “I heart Mr. Darcy” embroidered hoop to the box – this adorable piece rests on my bookshelf for the world to know my true love.

They decided to switch things up a bit this month so this month’s print was done by the amazing Printy Much.  The quote, written inside Elizabeth’s head reads:
“Completely perfect & incandescently happy”
I will never not love this – it’s so beautifully done!  This is probably my favorite art print they’ve done so far!

Finally, this month I reverted to my tea drinking ways and I received this amazing “Cause I’m a Lady” blend by Teaspoon and Kettle.  It was a phenomenal blend and I’m really pleased with the taste!

Overall, I’m amazed, yet again, but the inclusion of unique shops as well as the quality the each provided.  I cannot wait for the return of Authored Adornment boxes in the spring and I’ll hope you’ll join me in welcoming them back when they return!


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