Fandom of the Month Club – January 2017

The January Fandom of the Club took us back to a galaxy far, far away – and I’m so glad they did – this box was out of this world!

I have never had a complaint to make about the past Star Wars one and this one is just as wonderful as the last ones!

This was the first month that FotM has upgraded their bags and HOLY CRAP they’re cute!  These little pouches have a wristlet strap as well as a zippered closure – perfect for little goodies in your purse or while traveling!  Can’t wait to begin my collection of these!

This month’s design featured some of our favorite droids, C3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8 sharing a #SQUAD moment!!  Too precious and definitely a favorite design!  I’m hoping with these new bags, they might begin to stray away from just quotes and simple art and start leaning toward some more fun and detailed ones, such as this.

The magnet this month featured the one and only Leia Organa, which was a perfect tribute to our favorite princess, while the collectible card this month featured Han and Chewie standing in front of the Millennium Falcon – a perfect way to incorporate many of our favorite characters.

The jewelry this month featured a set of four unique pieces.

The first of these was a TIE fighter ring.  This really unique (but super geeky) ring has earned me quite a few wonderful compliments but holds so true to the fandom itself that I’ve had plenty of fashionistas and Jedis/Sith Lords tell me how awesome it is!  This is probably one of my favorite pieces they’ve done!

Up next was a double wrap bracelet (or choker if you have a neck on the smaller side) in a chestnut brown color, along with a silver disc that reads “The Force is Strong with This One.”  This is an absolutely lovely piece and I’ll definitely be wearing it as both a bracelet and a necklace!

The earrings this month actually match the necklace from the first Star Wars box FotM did back in 2014 of the Death Star and, though I don’t have the necklace, I absolutely love these earrings!

Finally, the necklace this month is a beautiful and delicate gold with the word “Jedi” written in script with a Yoda’s-lightsaber colored stone hanging off the ‘i’.  This piece is really cute but it took me a second to see the word Jedi (I initially thought it said Ted!  Whoops!)

Overall this box was a phenomenal addition to my Fandom of the Month Club jewelry collection.  I cannot wait to see what they do as they continue to move forward!

If you’d like your own Fandom of the Month Club box, head to their website and grab one!


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