Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly – January 2017

The January Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly box featured an array of Supernatural goodies!

The Supernatural box from Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly included a ton of goodies that helped solidify the selected fandom and make it great!

The first item this month was a custom designed cuff that read:
“My “People Skills” are “Rusty””
I’m not a massive Supernatural fan so I don’t actually know where in the show this quote originated but I have seen it around on other Supernatural merch so to see it here on a beautiful silver bangle is great!

The angel wing ring was really small and dainty, but definitely made for an adorable everyday ring, rather than anything big that made a statement.

Also included in the box this month was a pair of revolver earrings.  These actually would have fit in great with the Walking Dead box they did a few months ago, and they reminded me a lot of the grenade earrings from the Deadpool box last month, so I’m thinking there’s a pattern as far as earrings go now.

Finally, for jewelry, a Kansas license plate necklace was also included in the box, which was meant to represent the statement that Dean’s Impala makes on the show.  I think it did a great job of that and is a piece fans of the show will immediately recognize.

A really unique item to the box this month was the Supernatural tote bag.  They did a backpack for the Suicide Squad box a few months ago, but this was the first time since I’ve been receiving they’ve done a tote bag.  It was definitely a cute addition to the box and really great quality!

An art print, decal and magnet were also included in the box, as is typical for all Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly boxes.  This month’s wasn’t a fandom I’d fall over ‘have to have’ but I’m glad I got to see the kinds of pieces included!

If you’d like your own Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly box, be sure to go check them out!


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