The Bookish Box – January 2017

Book to Musical was the January Bookish Box theme, and I was really eager to see what they’d do with such a broad theme!

The first thing I have to talk about with the Bookish Box is always and forever, the shirt.  This month’s shirt featured a quote from the hit, Hamilton which read,
“The plan is to fan this spark into a flame.”
This quote works perfectly to describe determination in anything, which is something every reader can connect to!  This is definitely one of my favorite quotes they’ve selected in recent months!

The Bookish Box also designed a few other items that appeared in this month’s array of goodies, including a Bookish Notes 2017.  This watercolored notebook is a lovely place to write down thoughts throughout the year.  Honestly, I wish it didn’t say 2017 on the cover.  I’ll probably get around to using it but if it’s not this year, it’s going to bother me quite a bit.  Thank goodness for sharpies, right?!

The Bookish Box also designed a set of planner stickers that were also included in the box.  These are all the same and it’s a set that matches the Bookish Notes (perhaps to be used together?)  They say “Currently Reading” on them and make for a great marker to remember what you were reading when, however my pack had 5 in it, which, let’s be honest, I’ll be reading a lot more than 5 books this year!

Lexy Olivia was apart of another Bookish Box, including yet another bookmark.  This Les Miserables quote is absolutely beautifully done on a this bookmark from Lexy, however, as I’ve said in my past few reviews – I can live with fewer bookmarks in my Bookish Boxes.  There’s no need for one EVERY month.  Again, this does not discredit Lexy’s amazing work, this is pegged at Bookish Box for selecting the same type of item for months now.  It’s gotten past the point of being cute and it’s bordering on annoying/insulting to the long-term subscribers.

A set of adorable studs were included from Tanglewood Lane Crafts.  These little colored balls are supposed to be inspired by Hamilton somehow, but I think it’s just the card they’re packaged on.  I’m always happy to see jewelry in a box, but earrings are one of those things that not everyone can just wear – getting ears pierced isn’t something every has so this item, though cute, may not be the most practical for everyone.

Finally, Michael Kelly Co included a Wicked inspired bath bomb!  The coloring on this is absolutely lovely and I’m really pleased with the scent!  I’m sure it’ll cover me in glitter when I eventually get around to using it but meh, you can never have too much glitter, right?

Overall this box was kind of a disappointment for me.  The shirt was the best they’ve ever done but the other items just didn’t really seem to a) flow with the theme and b) live up to those past Bookish Boxes we’ve all come to know and love.  I know some changes have been discussed lately so I’m looking forward to checking them out and seeing if they’re worth it!

If you’d like to grab your own Bookish Box, head to their website!


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