Flitwick’s Box – February 2017

The February Flitwicks box mimicked last years’ box of love, but went a tiny bit more subtle!

This months’ Flitwicks box represented not only the month of love but also incorporated romance and love into their selected pieces.

The earrings this month were the most bold, featuring bright red heart studs with red crystals in each.  These seemed a bit young for me and wasn’t something I’d wear unless I was going to a themed party or something.

The next item was a heart bracelet, however this isn’t directly obvious unless you know what it is you’re looking for.  The heart is curved into the silver tone of the bracelet and wraps around your wrist really quite beautifully.  I loved this bracelet, however it was much too big for me.  Luckily I was able to bend it so that the hook no longer connects to the heart but is on the other side of it – still cute and now I can wear it!

Finally, the necklace this month featured a gorgeous, vintage looking flower pendant with red and white tones inside the oval drop.  I immediately loved the look of this and cannot wait to find the perfect outfit for this dainty, delicate and vintage looking piece.

Overall, this box was decent.  The earrings definitely weren’t for me but I thought the bracelet and the pendant were beautifully done.  Cannot wait for next month’s box and seeing what they do!

If you’d like to get a future Flitwicks box, be sure to head to their website and grab one!


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