Wondergirl Box – February 2017

Wonder Girl Box is a new subscription box that works to empower women with each box sold.  I was really excited to check them out!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I opened it up I was excited by all the pink!  I was really eager to get into what was in the actual box so after checking out the flyers on top, I dove right in.

The first item was a set of cupcake scented wax melts from Pearl Rose Candle Co.  Included were six, full sized wax melts which smell AMAZING.  Honestly, it’s like cupcake was turned into a candle.  I’m so excited to try these and impressed by the quantity included!

Also included was a pair of Blue Q Socks in a classic, but spunky design!  These are really soft and I’m really happy with these.

I also found a blow-pop in the mix of paper shred, as well as a little self-care index booklet, which talks about things to keep you happy!  I thought this was a cool bonus but felt like it didn’t add much value to the overall box.

Finally, the book this month was A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom.  This book is a new release that I actually have never heard of, so I’m excited to check it out!

Overall, it felt like I got two items and a book, and with the cost of the box being over $40 with shipping, I was a little upset with the value I received.  I’m definitely going to give them another try, as this was my first month with the company, and I’m really hoping they learn from their mistakes.  The items that were included were cute!  There should just be more for the cost of the box.

Unfortunately since receiving this box, Wonder Girl Box  has closed its doors.  They will be opening up a new project soon though, so to stay updated be sure to head to their website!


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