Bookish Box – February 2017

The Bookish Box has had it’s ups and downs the last few months but with the arrival of an added-on book to the box itself, I was excited to see what was in-store for this months’ Galentine’s Day box.

I have been apart of The Bookish Box for almost two years now and I’ve not missed a box.  I have been such a lover of all things Bookish, I was excited to see where they would go and what they would do with their boxes and tees.

Lately, however, the shirts have felt like they missed the mark for me.  I’ve been disappointed with the selected quotes for a few months now, and this month was no different.

The shirt this month, which was inspired by The Perks of Being a Wallflower (which is a WONDERFUL book if you haven’t read it), reads:
“We didn’t talk about anything, heavy or light.  We were just there together and that was enough.”
Like I said, I love The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but I don’t understand why they chose this quote.  Maybe it’s supposed to be representative of girls supporting each other?  But I don’t know.  It just seems random.  As always the fit of the top is wonderful but I’m simply not a fan of the overall quote selection.

The items this month included an array of goodies, but were they all really ‘good’?

The first item was, SURPRISE, another Lexy Olivia Bookmark.  Seriously Bookish Box crew – stop with the bookmarks in ever box.  It’s awesome that they’re exclusive but if you look through their old boxes, they were so unique and different every month.  It’s basically expected that Lexy Olivia is going to be included (and as I’ve said before, her work is gorgeous) but feature it on something other than a bookmark if you guys want to keep working with her?  How hard is that?

 Also included was a set of Best Book Friends buttons for you and a friend which makes for a wonderful treat for a buddy who loves books as much as you do!  Jar of Buttons has included items in the box before and this was another really cute addition from them.

Drop and Give Me Nerdy also included a Raven Boys inspired mug which is really cool.  I actually love the design of this mug, as it has artwork woven through the quote they selected.  Definitely a really awesome design.

A set of nerdy glasses turned into a necklace made for an adorable necklace, however I’m not sure how Fangirl, the inspiration behind these specs, was really found.  They’re cute regardless but I almost feel as if they were pulling at straws.

Finally, the book this month, which was the new things, was A List of Cages by Robin Roe.  I was excited to receive this book and check it out.  It also came with a signed book plate, which was pretty awesome as well!

Overall the box was good!  Much better than it has been in recent months.  The shirt however, was disappointing, and yet again I’m left to wonder why another bookmark was included at all.

If you’d like to grab your very own Bookish Box, I recommend checking out their website!


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