Fandomly Box – February 2017

The February Fandomly Jewelry box featured a classic vampire hunter and a whole lot of goodies!  Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Inside of the wonderful box was an array of fearsome and sassy pieces!  I’m not the biggest fan of Buffy but I am enjoying all the pieces included!

As always, included was a wonderful post card as well as a quote print by Cherlocked designs.  I have said it before, but I wasn’t thrilled with these two pieces of artwork.  They’re cute, but I feel like they could be so much more!

The first being a beautiful pair of Buffy/Angel book page studs.  I’m such a huge fan of stud earrings that feature words from a book, these are absolutely beautiful!

Also included was a double strand Buffy necklace, with the higher strand featuring the words “Bite Me” while the lower strand features a set of vampire teeth.  Super sassy and wonderful!

 As apart of each box, there was also a set of 3 bottle cap magnets.  As I don’t watch the show much, I’m not sure who I received, though I’m pretty sure that it’s a safe bet that one of them was a vampire!  These are really cute, but I felt like the value wasn’t quite there with these, as the magnet peeled off of one and the photo fell out of another.  Still adorable and easy fixes!

Finally, a my absolute favorite item from this box was an absolutely lovely Buffy inspired charm bracelet, featuring crosses, gravestones, vampire teeth and more!  I’m a huge fan of charm bracelets and I’m really pleased with how this one turned out!  The subtle hints to things from the show is just perfect and I cannot wait to show it off!

Overall this box was precious.  A really beautiful collection of pieces to represent a really popular show – such a wonderful job!

If you’d like to grab your own Fandomly Jewelry box, be sure to head to their website a grab one!


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