Fandom of the Month Club – February 2017

Fandom of the Month Club finally did my very first fandom, The Little Mermaid!  As a child, I knew all the songs, and as an adult I will rock all their jewelry!

I was so excited to have received this months Fandom of the Month Club which featured four beautiful pieces inspired by The Little Mermaid.  When I was little I knew every single song by heart and would have it on repeat all day long, so these are all pieces I’ll be proud to wear!

The first things to take note of were both the collectible card and the monthly magnet.  The card this month featured the faceless renditions of both Ariel and Flounder in their undersea paradise while the magnet was entirely Flounder’s place to shine.  Both were adorable and I couldn’t wait to see what was next!

After unwrapping the tissue came the bag.  This is the second month that FotM has done these new wristlet style bags and I LOVED this month’s nautical, beachy feel!  This is an absolutely perfect addition to my bag collection and I’m beyond pleased to have this!

Finally we arrived at the jewelry.  The first piece I pulled out of the bag was inspired by the movie’s fabulous villain, Ursula.  This little ring represents her purple octopi tentacles wrapping around your finger and it’s beyond cute and funky and this is just probably one of my favorite items ever from FotM.

Ursula got a second shoutout with the necklace this month which was a black choker style with a gold conch shell hanging in the center.  This is totally inspired by Ursula’s own necklace but in a much more fashion-forward way.  Love!!

The bracelet this month was finally a shoutout to our little mermaid, with an Alex and Ani style bangle featuring a ship, a mermaid, a ‘dinglehopper’ (or fork for you people with legs), a few colored charms to represent her, and a pendant that reads “Part of Your World”.  I have received a lot of these types of bangles in the last few months but honestly this is one of my absolute favorites.

Finally, the earrings this month was a stud pack featuring two sets of earrings – a round, mermaid scales pair (representative of Ariel’s tail) and a purple sea shell pair (representative of Ariel’s top).  Both of these are absolutely spectacular and I massively adore them.

I am SO pleased with this month’s box – there is not a single piece I’d alter.  I cannot wait to show these off to the world and let my mermaid flag fly!

If you’d like to sign up for Fandom of the Month Club, head to their website!


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