Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly – February 2017

With the upcoming release of the new live-action Beauty and the Beast, Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly decided it would be a good time to create some pieces to ship to subscribers!

This month’s Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly featured an array of items inspired by Beauty and the Beast and I was so eager to see what the contents would be!

The first piece is a beautiful silhouette necklace of Belle and the Beast dancing.  This pendant is yellow toned and is a perfect, subtle accessory to a well-loved classic.  It’s a great size and I’m really happy about this one!

The next piece were a pair of red rose earrings, inspired by the enchanted rose.  These are more of a metal material and feature small silver embellishments on the petals to help make them a bit different from normal red rose studs.  I actually really liked these and they appear to be really good quality so I’m hopeful I’ll get some use out of these.

The custom designed piece this month was the bracelet, which featured a gold tone bar with the words “Tale as Old as Time” engraved on the top.  This bracelet is absolutely STUNNING however it is too big for me so I’ll have to take some links out so it’ll sit right.  It’s really pretty though so it’ll be worth it.

The last piece of jewelry is probably my favorite and is a music note ring in a silver tone.  It’s absolutely precious and as someone who has been singing all my life, this is a piece I will cherish for a very long time.

The bonus goodies included a gold, sequin coin purse, which I honestly felt to be pretty cheap.  This is not something I’d ever use and I was really disappointed with this as the bonus item.  The also included a bookmark, inspired by the stained glass at the beginning of the movie as well as the enchanted rose itself.  This is a sturdy, good quality bookmark and I am really happy with this.

The magnet was just a still from the movie with some words photoshopped in.  This was not impressive to me at all.  The 4×6 art print was really cute however and I really loved it.

Overall this box was a great Beauty and the Beast box.  The bonus goodies definitely left something to be desired but the jewelry was spot on and I’m really happy with the subtle route they took.

If you’d like to sign up for a Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly box, just head to their website now!


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