Once Upon a BookCase – March 

Once Upon a Bookcase is a monthly subscription box that includes a 2-3 goodies, a 5×7 art print and a book inspired phone case every month!  We offer a wide array of sizes for both iPhone and Android models and a large selection of classics.  As an employee of Once Upon a Bookcase, this is not a formal review, but an overview of the products included in our March box.

The March Once Upon a Bookcase Box featured a timeless classic that I will never stop loving – Sherlock Holmes!  I’m a massive fan of the show so I was really excited to hear the classic was to be included in this month’s box.

The phone case this month features a brown, plaid design with a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes and his signature hat and pipe.  This adorable case comes fully designed with a quote on the back, as well as 3 card slots on the inside, a money slot, and a sturdy, plastic form to pop your phone in and out of.

The goodies this month included the 5×7 art print, which this month featured the quote:
“To a great mind, nothing is little.” – Sherlock Holmes
I always love the designs that Michelle comes up with and this one is no different.  It’s simple, but powerful.  Perfect.

The goodies this month included a fun little magnifying glass, and a plaid hat.  The hat is absolutely adorable and the magnifying glass is just a fun little bonus.

Overall, a fun month though I felt that the items weren’t as practical or universal as they were in past months – something we’ll adjust in the coming months.

If you’d like to subscribe to Once Upon a Bookcase, head to our website!  Not looking for a subscription?  We sell most of our cases separately on our Etsy page, Chick-Lit Designs!


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