Sparks Emporium Box – March 2017

The March box from Sparks Emporium featured an array of goodies inspired by Beauty and the Beast – but were they all enchanted roses and happily ever afters?

I was really looking forward to this month’s Sparks Emporium box, inspired by Beauty and the Beast.  I was hopeful for a wide range of items, as I know what this shop is capable of, but honestly I was really underwhelmed.

The first item was a beautiful 5×7 print made exclusively for this box.  I absolutely loved this and thought it was stunning – definitely one of my favorite pieces!

The next was a small tea sampling by Phantasmagoric Herbarium.  I’d never heard of this company but I’m intrigued to give this tea try.  It smells quite good so I’ll definitely be trying this soon.

As usual, there was a wish bracelet included, this one featuring a red fabric and a rose charm.  If I’m being honest, I’ve never really been a fan of the wish bracelets.  They’re not something you can take on and off, and the charms are usually too big for my liking.  I definitely feel like this rose would catch on everything, so I won’t be using this.

Sparks Emporium has created a ton of druzy rings, and they included a yellow one inspired by Belle’s ball gown.  I’ve always loved these, but this one was quite large (larger than their others) and shrinking it to the point that it would fit me was nearly impossible.

The earrings were probably my biggest disappointment.  This is not something I’d ever wear, and they honestly looked quite cheap.  Definitely wasn’t a fan.

There was also a custom crafted lip balm from Sparks, which smells lovely, though I’m not big on flavored lip things.

The magnetic bookmark was absolutely lovely, and the artwork was beyond adorable, while the paper bookmark left something to be desired.  Though it was great quality I was disappointed in the design.

There was a vinyl sticker included as well which I thought was a cute bonus and I actually really loved the design (having the rose cut out of Belle’s dress made it clear who it was).

Finally, the bangle bracelet.  THIS is what I wanted throughout the whole box.  This absolutely STUNNING Alex and Ani style bracelet was so incredibly cute and I have worn it multiple times already.  If this kind of quality could have been woven throughout the whole box, this could have been a home run.

Though there were plenty of items included, many of them were paper (sticker, bookmark x2) art print, info card), and though this was a jewelry box I felt like the value of the pieces included did not equate to the amount paid for the box (which was a bit more due to the type of items included – which those were, I have yet to figure out).

I have received and enjoyed these boxes before, and maybe my hopes were just too high.  Hopefully, Sparks Emporium takes a different route with their future boxes and changes them up a bit.

What did you think of the box as a whole?  Let me know in the comments below!  If you loved it, you can sign up for a future Sparks Emporium box at any time by heading to their website!


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