Uppercase Box – March 2017

Uppercase Box always does an absolutely wonderful job with their book selections and this month was no different!

I always look forward to seeing what book selection Uppercase Box has chosen for each month and this was no different.

The book selection this month was a signed copy of Hunted by Meagan Spooner  (I feel like I’ve mentioned this before but the books being signed is such an INCREDIBLE bonus!)  They also included a promotional Hunted bookmark!

Also included was an adorable pair of Jane Austen socks from SockSmith, though funnily enough it’s the exact same pattern that was chosen by My Book Box for their February box!  No complaints, as I think this is a beautiful print and I’m happy to have a backup pair, but I did want to note that!

Also included was a beautiful art print by Bella Adele Co.  This is honestly one of my favorite art prints that I’ve ever received from a book box and I’m incredibly excited to find the perfect place to display this.

Finally, a beautiful sticker from Alexis Lampey, the creator of Nerdy Post created a gorgeous Book Hoarder sticker featuring a dragon covering over stacks of books with its wings.  This is a gorgeous design and I absolutely love that two subscription boxes worked together to make this happen!

I absolutely loved this box and, as always, Uppercase Box did not disappoint.  I cannot wait to see what’s in store for next month!  And if you’d like to get your own Uppercase Box, head to their website and grab one while you can!


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