The Melting Library Monthly Sampler – March 2017


The March Melting Library Sampler Box sounded too amazing to pass up, so I thought I’d give this box a try this month!

I wanted to give some new things a try in the coming months, so I thought I’d start with one I’d heard great things about!  This month, The Melting Library included an array of candle samples in their box this month, all inspired by Beauty and the Beast!  This is perfect timing with the new movie coming out, so I was THRILLED to be able to grab one!

I was intrigued when I opened the box that it wasn’t just candles!  I honestly had no idea that more was included than the candles so that was an instant bonus for me.

Included this month was a packet of caylon black tea with rose petals from The Melting Library.  This intrigued me, so I opened it and it smells AMAZING.   I’m really excited to give this a try.

Also included was a recipe for “The Grey Stuff” as well as a “Tale as Old as Time” bookmark.  Both were really cute and I love the idea of including a recipe that goes along with the theme!

Finally, the whole reason I grabbed this box.  I’m going to list them in order of my least favorite to my most favorite, so bare with me!

6th – Provincial Life
I really was skeptical when I read that the scent was a mix of baked bread, thyme and fresh lavender.  It wasn’t terrible but something about this combination just didn’t work for me.

5th – West Wing
I’ve never been in the biggest fan of Mahogany in candles, but this one is actually quite pleasant with a mix of rain and smoke – definitely a more masculine scent to represent the Beasts’ quarters.

4th – Enchanted Rose
I thought this one was lovely, I just felt like it had been done before.  With a mix of garden rose, sandalwood and musk, there was nothing really unique about it, though the packaging was absolutely STUNNING!

3rd – Belle’s Books
I LOVE the design on this one with the paper cut out for the wick.  I thought it was so creative.  The leather was a tad overpowering comparatively to the parchment and tulips undertones but it was still a wonderful mix.

2nd – Something There
This was one of the most creative candles I’ve ever seen based on Beauty and the Beast.  Named after the scene this candle took its inspiration from, the scent is a mix of snow, juniper berry and violet.  This candle is pure magic.

1st – Tea with Mrs. Potts
OH. MY. GOD.  I’ve never smelled a better candle in my life.  I want 10 of these.  A combination of Earl Grey, Ginger root, Apple and Cinnamon, this is literally like a cup of tea and a cinnamon roll combined into one, purely amazing and heavenly candle that I will never burn even if my life depends on it.  Plus, it’s beautiful.

Overall I was SO impressed with all of the candles included in this sampler package.  There weren’t any that I would avoid and nothing that I definitely would never open.  Every single one was so different and I am so pleased to have given this box a try!  I’m eager to try again!

If you’d like to grab a Melting Library Sampler Pack, head to their website and click on Monthly Subscription for the hint for next month!


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