J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Lootcrate – March 2017


After the last two boxes of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World by Lootcrate was a COMPLETE bust, I was really hoping they’d finally step up their game in the House Pride box.  And I was disappointed yet again.

The box was beautiful in presentation as it always has been for the last two orders but this months’ package still lacked everything I look for in a subscription.

Let’s start with the shirt – this month they varied a bit and did a baseball tee (3/4 sleeves) with a Hogwarts House crest.  This has to be the most basic of Harry Potter shirts that could have possibly been selected.  This was the HOUSE PRIDE box, and they couldn’t even coordinate the shirts based on your house?  I was immediately regretting grabbing this box.

The next item, the pin (which seems to be a staple in these boxes each month) was incredibly tiny and featured the Sorting Hat.  I love the Sorting Hat as much as the next Potterhead but this pin was an abomination to the garment we all know and love.

The lanyard included this month was actually really nice.  I loved that it was themed after the Hogwarts Express and was a great quality.  But again, this was the House Pride box and I’m not sure what the Hogwarts Express has to do with my house.  I was also a bit turned off by the red and gold Hogwarts crest which dangled off the end – I get that it was supposed to be emanating the colors of the steam train but honestly it felt like a nod to Gryffindor and like they got a bonus house-specific item.

Finally, the house specific items!  I am a proud Ravenclaw and I was really excited for my goodies!

The first one was a house themed duffle bag which honestly might be my favorite item they’ve done so far.  It is a bit small, but for what they could fit in the boxes I think this is a super handy item which I’m definitely going to use.

The last item was a major swing-and-a-miss.  A house themed beanie.  It’s March – I understand that it WAS cold and it WILL BE cold in the future.  But why not something that I can use now?  Why not something that hasn’t been done a thousand times before and every true Potterhead already owns?  This is my 3rd house beanie that I’ve received from a subscription box and though the quality is great, I don’t need it and it will simply collect dust.

This box was, yet again, a huge disappointment and I am only staying on next month for promises of an exclusive collectible and the theme, which is “The Dark Arts”.

What did you think of the box overall?  If you’d like to give this bi-monthly box a try, head to Lootcrate’s website now and grab one!


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