Fandom of the Month Club – March 2017


Fandom of the Month Club has been branching out into some unique fandoms lately, and it was finally time for some Star Trek!

Star Trek is unfortunately a fandom that I have yet to experience, however I can absolutely enjoy these pieces as motivation to check it out!  I wish I knew more so I could talk about these pieces in depth but unfortunately, google is going to have to help me out with the names of many of these unique designs.

The card this month featured a black, purple, orange and yellow design that seemed very spacey.  It reads “Incoming Transmission” at the top so I have to assume this what the screens look like in Star Trek.  One of the few things I did recognize was the magnet this month, inspired by the uniforms worn by many of the characters!

The necklace this month was silver and was the Star Trek weapon called a “Bat’leth”.  I thought this necklace was SUPER innovative and fun and I love the design without even really knowing how it ties into the series.

The next item this month were a pair of earrings – following the trend, they’re two very different designs, but both follow the theme.  I believe they’re both ships (or modes of transportation) from the show/movies, one being the Galileo and the other being the very recognizable Enterprise.  Though I haven’t seen the show I did recognize the Enterprise based on shape alone, though I did have to look up what the name was. Heh.

The ring this month was super innovative and completely threw me off but after reading up a bit, I now know that it is the visor worn by Geordi La Forge that allowed him to see even though he was born blind.  This was a super creative ring idea and I actually love the design of this!

Finally, the bracelet this month was a two-parter.  You can either wear the two bracelets together or you can give one to a friend and treat it like a friendship bracelet (which works wonderfully with the quote).  Written on the two halves of the hands when put together are the words:
“I have been and always shall be your friend.”

Though I’m not a fan of Star Trek, after reading up on the background of each of the included pieces this month I can easily see just how wonderfully executed this box was.  I absolutely love all the pieces and the enticement to start this show is now a lot higher than it was!

If you’d like to sign up for a future Fandom of the Month Club Box, head to their website!


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