Authored Adornments Box – April 2017


The April Authored Adornments box featuring a beautiful collection of pieces inspired by my favorite fandom, Harry Potter!

The theme this month was Harry Potter and I was so excited to see the beautiful pieces created and included in Authored Adornments box.

The first piece of jewelry included this month was a stunning wrap ring that featured a druzy piece that was the designated house color (Hogwarts house selected at the time of purchase), in addition to the signature three stars from the corners of the pages – such a gorgeous piece!

The second piece was a necklace featuring a Hermione quote that reads:
“Books! And cleverness!  There are more important things – friendship and bravery.”
This was a stunning (and perfect selection) for a bookish girl like me.  I absolutely loved this piece and I cannot wait to show this off.

The 5×7 art print, designed by Nichole Marie Printery, featured The Golden Trio’s wands and it’s an absolutely stunning print.  I will definitely have to find a place for this!

The bonus item this month is absolutely adorable, which is a campfire mug featuring the words “capacious extremis” which is the unnoticeable expansion spell that Hermione casts to her purse to fit all their travel supplies!  This mug is super lightweight and is a phenomenal addition to the box and my mug collection.

Finally, this month I opted for the coffee which was by Velodrome Coffee Company.  I don’t drink coffee, however my dad did try it out (and he appreciated the gift!) and he loved it!

I’m such a fan of the boxes that Authored Adornments puts together, I’m actually quite devastated to report that she has discounted boxes for the time being.  I highly recommend checking out her shop and purchasing some of her stunning pieces – she does amazing work and supporting small business is always a wonderful choice!


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