Flitwicks Box – April 2017


The April Flitwicks Box was a unique assortment of modern looking pieces.

Flitwicks has had a string of great months so I was excited for this month’s box long before it even arrived!

The first item in the box this month was a pair of double-sided earrings.  The newest trend, they have the circle in the front and the triangle that’s supposed to hang on the backside of your ear.  I’ve yet to become a huge fan of this fad but I’m hoping since I now own a pair maybe they’ll grow on me.

Next up was a ring which honestly threw me completely off.  The design was really modern with an assortment of rectangles stacked haphazardly on top of one another, however it was in rose gold while the rest of the box was silver.  Definitely a strange addition metal wise.
On top of that, I’m always grateful when the rings are easily adjustable (as this one was) but I have very long fingers so usually I don’t have this problem;  the back was just as wide as the front, making it next to impossible to bend my finger fully.  It made it uncomfortable and honestly I’ll never wear this for that reason. The back should have been much narrower than it was designed.

Finally, the necklace – this was actually one of my favorite necklaces that Flitwicks has done.  A simple chain with two, interlocking circles at the bottom.  Simple, classic, goes with everything.  I absolutely loved this piece.

Overall, this box was okay.  The necklace I’ll probably never take off but the earrings I’m not sure I’ll wear while the ring is going to sit in a box until the end of time.  I’m excited about the future of Flitwicks as they continue to shift but this was not a favorite for me.

If you’d like to grab your own Flitwicks Box, head to their website!


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