Once Upon a BookCase – April 2017


April’s Once Upon a Bookcase welcomed spring with plenty of whimsy and pastel delights, featuring our favorite girl from down the rabbit hole!  She may have even brought back a coupon code to share!

As an employee of the Once Upon a Bookcase company, I’m so excited to share the details of our April box with you!

Alice in Wonderland was the theme for the April Once Upon a Bookcase and featured a bright assortment of goodies that were just perfect for this theme.

The first item (and piece that the entire box was themed around) was the phone case!  This month featured a pastel rendition of Alice in Wonderland with our leading lady front and center, as well as the other favorites featured on the cover.

The 5×7 art print this month was so whimsical and fun, featuring some of the key items from Alice in Wonderland along with the quote:
“Would you like an adventure or shall we have our tea first?”
This is a perfect addition to my collection of 5×7 artwork from Bookcase and I love the design that Michelle came up with!

The bonus items this month included a gorgeous drawstring flamingo backpack – this mint green with the pink accents are just absolutely adorable and I’m SO excited to show this off on the beach!

Also included is a bangle bracelet featuring a few charms inspired by the tea party scene including the top hat, teapot, and a charm which reads “We’re All Mad Here”.

This lovely assortment of gifts was the cherry on top of a gorgeous box – I’m so pleased with this month’s case and Michelle’s gift choices!

If you’d like to grab your own Once Upon a Bookcase box, be sure to head to their website and use coupon code BOOKCASE10 for 10% off!


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