Once Upon a Book Club – April 2016


Our April Once Upon a Book Club box featured an array of pieces inspired by this deep and powerful story from India!  A coupon code awaits at the end for all those interested!

Our April adult book selection was a deep and powerful story with the perspectives of both Tara and Mukta, two young girls from India.  When they were children, Mukta was abducted from Tara’s home and was taken into the human trafficking world.  Tara has felt incredibly guilty most of her life about the situation and as an adult, has traveled back to India in hopes of finding Mukta.

The story is told in alternating perspectives in varying times (ex. Mukta as a child, Tara as an adult, Tara as a child, Mukta as an adult, etc).  Though it sounds like it might get confusing, both characters have such a distinct voice that it’s easy to follow.  This book made me think and taught me so much.  I teared up at the end as well after having developed such strong connections to the characters.  For my full (spoiler free) review of the book, click here!

And of course, to pair with a powerful story, we needed to include an array of powerful gifts.

The first item, from page 24 came from Mukta’s childhood, as she remembers the woman who came to take her wearing a bright orange sari.  We decided to include this versatile, oversized orange scarf that could be used as a wrap or bathing suit cover-up.

The next gift, on page 66, also came from Mukta’s childhood, as she remembered a doctor who came to visit her home.  In the book he ‘reaches into his bag for a handful of yellow and green herbs.’  We decided to make this a bit more practical than described and included a small sampling of Chamomile and Citrus tea.  In addition to this, as it was loose-leaf tea, we decided to include an adorable teapot tea strainer that could be used long after our tea was gone.

Next, on page 158, we had a card gift, featuring a note scrawled from Tara with a message from the story written inside.  Also featured was a note of play money to mimic the money found inside the envelope as it happened in the story.

The fourth gift was on page 282, and it featured a stunning gold tone necklace in the shape of a leaf.  This piece was inspired by a necklace that is given to Mukta in the book which was only described as a ‘beautiful gold necklace’.

Finally, as Tara pulled a photo from her wallet toward the end of the book, our readers opened their last gift on page 327 to find a wallet with a quote from the book custom printed onto it, in addition to finding the photo inside just as Tara pulls it out from her own wallet in the story.

This entire box was about one thing and that was to create an experience for our readers through the opening of gifts alongside a powerful, heart-wrenching story.  We still have some available in our shop, but only until they sell out!

If you’d like to subscribe for Once Upon a Book Club, you can do so at our website and be sure to use coupon code ELVES10 for 10% off your order!


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