Fandom of the Month Club- April 2017


This month’s Fandom of the Month Club was an abundance of treasure, featuring none other than Pirates of the Caribbean!

Fandom of the Month Club has been branching out and featuring more and more unique fandoms lately, but to be honest this is one I’ve been eagerly awaiting!

This month’s Pirates themed box featured a stunning art print, inspired by a classic pirates map.  It also included an adorable magnet, printed with the traditional skull and crossbones and the adorable pouch this month featured a treasure chest with the words
Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.”

I was eager to jump right into the pieces of jewelry included this month and I was NOT disappointed!  The first piece was an absolutely adorable treasure chest ring – featuring a pirates chest that ACTUALLY OPENS.  It seals with a pretty strong magnet and you want to be careful opening it, as the ‘jewels’ inside are loose and can be lost easily!

The next piece was a set of absolutely stunning pirates earrings.  These are a stunning bronze color and aren’t nearly as heavy as they look.  They are a shockingly lightweight pair for being so large and are a great addition to any outfit.

Finally, the necklace this month TOOK MY BREATH AWAY.  This month’s silver toned necklace featured an anchor, wrapped with chain and from that chain hangs a compass and a charm which reads:
I regret nothing. Ever.” – Captain Jack Sparrow
This piece was so beautiful and I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  I cannot wait to wear this constantly.

This month’s box absolutely blew me away and I was so happy with every single piece included.  I look forward to next month’s box, as always but I am more than content right now!

If you’d like to grab your own Fandom of the Month Club box, head to their website!


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