The Melting Library Box – April 2017


Another beautiful sampler box from The Melting Library!  This month featured an array of six scents inspired by some of our favorite bookish villains!

Similar to last month, each candle this month was a beautiful and unique color/design and I was so excited to check out each and every one.  Unfortunately 4/6 are from series I haven’t read yet, but having these make me even more eager to grab copies of the books and start reading!

The first scent was named Adelina, who is the villain in The Young Elites series.  I haven’t read these (no matter how many times I’ve been told I MUST) but I’m excited to, especially after inhaling this stunning combination of white woods, frosted berries and musk.  Adelina received a snow white tone candle and makes me think of mountains and turmoil.

The next candle was inspired by Amarantha, the villain from A Court of Thorns and Roses.  This is a title I’ve been totally shunned for not reading, even though it’s on my to-read list!  Her candle, a mauve purple with a single googly eye (cyclops?) smells of dark cherry, violet and raspberry.  This candle smells absolutely delicious.

The next candle was Holland from A Darker Shade of Magic.  I’m not sure what the black stone in this candle represents but I imagine it’s definitely important to be placed in every candle!  This white candle smells of scorched metal, ash and amber and creates a really masculine scent that I really enjoyed.

Finally, a name I recognize!  Moriarty received a candle in this month’s box, inspired by the villain from the classic, Sherlock Holmes.  His candle smells of Florentine iris, clover and black tea.  I absolutely love the world  this candle transports you to and the solid grey wax is perfectly fitting for this villain.

Maven, from The Red Queen series received a candle as well – yet another book for me to read.  This bright orangey-red candle smells of fiery cinnamon, molten clove and smoke and creates a wonderful outdoorsy scent.

Finally, Bellatrix from the Harry Potter series received a candle as well.  I was actually really happy with this one because it wasn’t the typical (and expected) Voldemort candle.  This amazing, dark green & sparkly candle smells of opium, dragon’s blood and walnut.  I’ve never quite smelled anything like this but it’s a wonderful blend and one I’m so glad to add to my collection.

Overall, this was a stunning box and if anything, reinforces my need to read even more!  I’m so excited to learn about each and every one of these villains and to discover their stories.

If you’d like to grab a Melting Library Sampler, head to their website!


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