Flitwicks Box – May 2017


This month’s Flitwicks Box featured a stunningly summery trio of goodies!

The first goodie this month was a stunning, filigree style, gold tone necklace.  This pendant hangs on a long, gold tone chain and is absolutely perfect for summer.  I cannot wait to wear this consistently throughout the year.

As if the necklace couldn’t get better, a matching set of earrings was also included this month.  A beautiful set of four of the same style filigree circles were linked together to create a beautifully delicate drop in the same gold tone.  This might be a contender for my favorite earring/necklace pair that this box has ever done.

Finally, the third item was actually my least favorite.  A wire ring wrapped around/through a multicolored stone – this would be a super cute piece except for a few things.  Each month I depend on having the rings included in the box to be sizable (just a quick and easy squeeze usually does the trick) so I can enjoy them on my size 5 fingers.  Unfortunately, as this month’s ring was made of wire, it was one solid piece along the bottom and was unable to be sized, so I wouldn’t be able to wear it (and neither would subscribers with fingers larger than the given size either.  The other thing that bothered me a bit was the stone itself – it was wired through the center of the stone, which is fine, but it left it hanging rather low on the bottom and it pressed uncomfortably against my finger, even with it being as large as it was.  Unfortunately, there’s a very limited number of subscribers that are able to fit into this ring and wear it comfortable so unfortunately it’s not something that I’ll be able to enjoy.

2/3 were absolutely stunning this month and will be pieces I put into my regular rotation – I’m so excited to wear these and I cannot wait to enjoy them!

If you’d like to grab a future Flitwicks Box, be sure to head to their website!


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