Once Upon a BookCase – May 2017


I’m so excited to share the contents of Once Upon a Bookcase with you this month!  The goodies turned out to be some of my favorites that we’ve included in our boxes!

This month’s Once Upon a Bookcase featured a phone case inspired by A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.  This simplistic and aged looking phone case rings true to the classic era that the story reminds most people of.  Though a simple design, it absolutely captures the feel the story itself provides.

We struggled with the gifts this month, however we finally decided on a few goodies that encompassed the locations as mentioned in the book.

This month, we included a gorgeous Paris pillowcase (fits a 16×16 pillow).  This design is durable and quite adorable with muted tones that will add a splash of worldliness to any color scheme.

And the second item we chose to include is a world map necklace in a gold tone.  This might be my favorite item we’ve included in our boxes and I absolutely love the design behind this.  I will definitely be wearing mine on a regular basis and I cannot wait to show it off.

Though simple, we thought this box captured the feel of A Tale of Two Cities and was a wonderful month for our subscribers.

If you’d like to grab a future Once Upon a Bookcase box, be sure to head to our website!


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