Wizarding World Lootcrate – May 2017


The May Wizarding World Lootcrate is finally here!  This months theme was The Dark Arts.  After the last two boxes I had incredibly high hopes for this one – did it meet them?

I was really hoping for something spectacular in this month’s Wizarding World Lootcrate to make up for the last two months of duds.  This month wasn’t that great, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

The first item this month included was the tee, featuring Percival Graces and his bad guy phrase “We’ve Lived in the Shadows for Too Long”.  Alongside this is a deathly hallows symbol.  Percival isn’t my favorite bad guy and having only had one movie, he’s definitely not very well-known.  Even it wasn’t Voldemort, I wish this shirt was inspired by the death eaters or a character that we at least connect to a bit deeper.  I’m not a fan of this shirt.

The next item was actually my favorite of the box – a set of four, replica plates feline based on Dolores Umbridges’ collection.  Though they don’t move, these are absolutely ADORABLE and I will certainly be hanging these up on the wall of my future house, but for now they’ll stay safely in the box.

The next item was also pretty cool, an Azkaban pouch.  I’ll definitely be using this in the coming school semester – definitely a step up from the last few months items.

The third item, also pretty cool but a lot less practical, was a set of five, embossed cards (and envelopes) emblazoned with the seal of the Chamber of Secrets. Also included in this stationary set was a bar of red wax as well as a chamber of secrets wax seal.  This is a SUPER cool gift, but I don’t know when exactly I’ll get to use it!

Finally, the last item is apart of their staple monthly box – a Tom Riddle Diary Pin.  A unique pin has been included each month so I can assume this will be a regular piece in each box.

Overall this box was definitely better than the last two but still not great.  At this point, I’m going to discontinue my subscription with this box and keep an eye on how they progress over their next few boxes.  Fingers crossed they adjust to the requests of their subscribers and I’m able to give them another try in the future.

If you’d like to give the Wizarding World Lootcrate a try, head to their website!


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