Fandom of the Month Club – May 2017


The May Fandom of the Month Club featured a fandom I know zero about, but am excited to learn more about – Legend of Zelda!

On a side note, many of the details of this box were referred to me thanks to my darling boyfriend Josh, who used to play a lot of Zelda in his day.

The art print this month featured a shield with the words Fandom of the Month club (I’m assuming this is the logo for the game itself!) and the magnet this month features a little flying creature with the words “Hey, Listen!!” Josh is telling me he’s apart of the game to help guide the character along which is a cute little addition to the box this month.  The bag features Link (I DO know his name!), his shield and a strange blue shape in the background (I forgot to ask what this was).

Moving on to the jewelry!  The first piece is a two-tone necklace featuring little symbols on each bead – Josh is telling me that the symbols are a code used during game play to do certain moves and things which honestly is probably the most creative and cute way they could have done this!  I actually love this idea and it might be one of their most unique necklace concepts!

Continuing through the pieces, this months bracelet was a simple chain bracelet with three colored ‘gems’ hanging off it.  I didn’t ask what these were but I’m assuming they’re what you collect as you play through the game.  I thought this bracelet was okay.  I’m not big on dangling bracelets that have pieces that get caught in my clothing so I wasn’t the biggest fan of the style of this one.

The next piece was a shield ring (literally!).  A blue and red design on a silver ring to represent the same shield on the artwork this month.  Though cute, it’s quite bulky and sticks up a lot.  Definitely not something for everyday wear.

Finally, the earrings which represent the Triforce of Power (thanks Josh!) are a cute pair with bright yellow stones.  These are definitely a fun and not so subtle way to incorporate Zelda into your outfit!

Overall this was a cute month – I just wish I knew what more of it was/represented!  However, I am thrilled that Fandom of the Month is branching out and including some more unique fandoms – definitely an awesome change!

If you’d like to grab a future Fandom of the Month Club box, head to their website!


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