Globe In Box – May 2017


I decided to branch out after seeing so many ads for this cultural box, Globe In!  I’m so excited to share the boxes with all of you and the artisan goodies inside.

Globe In is a monthly subscription that offers a ton of variations, both with cost and with the types of items inside.  I opted for the biggest box for three months and I was able to enter a coupon code to get a set of hand-blown wine glasses (such an awesome deal!)

Googling coupon codes will bring up quite a few active ones, as they’re constantly shifting goodies that can be included at no extra charge upon signing up with them.

The box was 39.99 per month plus shipping for the three months I signed up for.  Recently they have upped their prices but they’ve also added some lower cost options for those who still want to receive some handmade products but maybe not quite as many.

Each month, Globe In has an array of boxes to choose from, but they always come out with two new ones per month.  This first month with them, I snagged a new box for the month of May called Epicure.  I was really excited to see what it included (though you can easily find spoilers online!)

Every month, between the 1st and the 5th of the month, you can log into your account and choose which box you’d like to receive.  If you don’t make a selection they’ll choose for you so it’s definitely important that you make a choice!

Inside the Epicure box, I found an array of unique, home items that are perfect for my kitchen and life.

The first item was from Mexico and was a set of STUNNING stemless wine glasses.  These hand-blown glasses are absolutely beautiful, with an array of colors they’ll go with any decor.  The glass is really thick and these are nice and heavy but they’re also packaged incredibly well (I was quite nervous when I saw the big packs of bubble-wrap as my goods have a trend of arriving damaged, but these were perfect!).

What’s really neat about this box as well is inside the little booklet, they also have a photo of the artisan who made the product- a really unique feature that I adore.

The next item was a Neem Wood Cheese board from India.  This stunning board is perfect for dinner parties and pairs so well with my new wine glasses!  This family of woodcarvers from West Bengal created these beautiful boards and I’ll definitely have this out for many parties to come.

Also included from India was a stainless steel cheese knife….in the shape of a mouse.  How adorable is that.  This piece is so adorable and is the perfect accessory to have out along with the cheese board!

Finally, a mini handwoven basket from Mexico was also included.  Suggested uses include filling it with nuts, olives, chocolates, or napkins but even when not in use it makes a stunning addition to my kitchen counter.

This was such a fun and unique box to receive and it’s so amazing to know that the products included in these boxes are from hardworking people from around the globe.  This is definitely a wonderful new experience and I’m truly looking forward to next month!

If you’d like to grab a future Globe In box, be sure to head to their website!


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