Nerdy Post – May 2017


The May Nerdy Post featured an array of goodies inspired by fantasy author, Sarah J. Maas!

Unfortunately, I’ve been slacking on the ‘trends’ lately and I have not yet read anything by Sarah J. Maas.  I sincerely hope to check out some of her books soon as I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things!  I actually forgot to skip this month’s package, so I’ll just be reviewing based on the quality of the artwork alone as I have no reference for where each quote came from.

The first goodie that appeared in the box was of course, the poster.  The poster this month featured the words
“You could do anything, if only you dared.”
I may not have much to go on, but this is a super motivational quote and I’m thrilled to see something like this included!  It’s much darker than many of the other posters Nerdy Post has created and I’m actually loving it.

There was a SECOND poster this month (so nifty!) designed by @TJLubrano featuring a dragon as well as the words:
“A warrior who had all odds stacked against him and survived.”
I’m not sure if the quote is talking about the dragon or a character who owns the dragon but it’s still a beautiful poster (I’m LOVING the framing with the florals!

Also included this month was a lapel pin, created by @LapelYeah.  This silhouette pin that looks vaguely like antlers represents the Amulet of Orynth (according to the info card in the box – heh.)  It’s really cool, and I’m sure it would make a lot more sense if I read the books.

The bookmark was a double-sided piece as usual, featuring a quote from Mor on the first side (which was designed by @herbookishthings – beautiful job!).  The second side (pictured above) featured a quote about libraries and how dangerous a place they can be – I LOVE THIS.

A mini button trio was included as well this month, featuring an array of mini quotes from Manon, Rowan, and Sam, including:
“I will not be afraid.” “to whatever end” and “until the darkness claims us”
Again, I have no idea what any of these are in reference to, but they’re super cute and are perfectly coordinated!

The sticker this month was a night court design with the mountains and stars, with the quote:
“Against all hope, despite all odds.”
I don’t need to know what this means to know that this is a stunning piece and probably one of my favorites in the entire box.

The mini print this month (on the front side of the info card, featured a quote that Alexis felt isn’t quoted nearly enough!  I absolutely LOVE this quote and am so glad it was brought to my attention via this piece!
“There are different kinds of darkness.  The darkness that frightens, that soothes, that is restful, of lovers, of assassins.  It becomes what the bearer wishes/needs it to be.  It is not wholly good or bad.”
This is a stunning quote and I absolutely LOVE the way it was designed.

The fill-in post card this month features two of the main heroines showing off their magic to each other.

A bonus this month was a handmade bath dust sampler from @shewantsbrains – it’s super pretty packaging and I’m excited to see what happens with it!

Finally, the bonus this month was either nail decals or a temporary tattoo.  I’m THRILLED I received the temporary tattoo (I never use nail decals), and it is a beautiful design of the palm part Feyre’s hand tattoo – so beautiful!  I love turning temporary tattoos into bookmarks, so I’ll definitely be doing that with this one!

Overall, ignoring my lack of knowledge for the stories these quotes were from, this box was absolutely stunning and I couldn’t be happier with the designs selected for this months prints.

If you’d like to grab a future Nerdy Post box, head to their website!


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