The Bookish Box – May 2017


The May Bookish Box was inspired by bookish goodies crossed over with Mean Girls!

The May Bookish Box was one I was looking forward to from the day the theme was announced:  Mean Girls crossed with bookish goodies?  Count me in!

The tee this month was a bright red play on words which reads:
“The limit of books allowed in my t.b.r. pile does not exist.”
This was a super cute play on the quote from Mean Girls and I absolutely loved it.  Unfortunately, I was sent a size large unisex tee.  I reached out and received the small I ordered but still in unisex which was massive and didn’t have the V I really wanted.  Super disappointed to have two I can’t enjoy.

The next goodie was also from The Bookish Shop, which was a mirror compact which reads “You Go Glen Coco” – definitely an adorable quote to be incorporated but I guess I’m missing the point of how it correlates to a mirror?  I love it but I just don’t know if I’ll ever use it.

The Bookish Shop also included a Mean Girls inspired necklace which included plenty of words from the movie itself but the main, bolded quote reads:
“That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets.”
I’m a total sucker for this quote and love the piece but again, not something I’d wear out and about regularly.

Knot Knirvana created another tumbler and Oh My Gosh I absolutely love this so much.  This piece reads “On Wednesdays, We Read YA”.  This is SO perfect and I will use this forever.

Finally, an art print from Sombras Blanca Design was included which was actually a three way crossover between Mean Girls, Harry Potter AND Game of Thrones.  Actually the cutest print ever.

Finally, the book this month was Grit by Gillian French – the cover doesn’t look like it belongs in a Mean Girls box, but I was eager to check out the summary!
Seventeen-year-old Darcy Prentiss has long held the title of “town slut.” She knows how to have a good time, sure, but she isn’t doing anything all the guys haven’t done. But when you’re a girl with a reputation, every little thing that happens seems to keep people whispering–especially when your ex-best friend goes missing.
But if anyone were to look closer at Darcy, they’d realize there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface. Staying out late, hooking up, and telling lies is what Darcy does to forget. Forget about the mysterious disappearance of her friend. Forget about the dark secret she and her cousin Nell share. Forget about that hazy Fourth of July night. So when someone in town anonymously nominates Darcy to be in the running for Bay Festival Princess–a cruel act only someone with a score to settle would make–all of the things that Darcy wants to keep hidden threaten to erupt in ways she wasn’t prepared to handle…and isn’t sure if she can.

This book sounds AMAZING and I’m so excited to get into it!

Overall, the box was split 50/50 – I think if the shirt had been the right size/style and if the necklace and mirror were more of a play on the quotes rather than the quotes themselves I would have fallen in love with it a whole lot more than I did.  It was an okay month for The Bookish Box but they can do better!

If you’d like to grab a future Bookish Box, head to their website!


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