Authored Adornments Box – May 2017


The first May Authored Adornments Box was inspired by Star Wars and I cannot wait to share these goodies with all of you!

Authored Adornments created two beautiful boxes for the month of May, the first being inspired by Star Wars!

The first piece from the Authored Adornments shop was a bookmark featuring a round bubble dangle with the words, “Chewie, we’re home.”  As adorable as this is and as much as I love the quote it kind of bothers me that it’s the ONLY thing on the bookmark.  The empty space at the bottom just doesn’t seem to work well for me and I wish there was something below it at least.

The next piece, also from the Authored Adornments shop, was absolutely stunning – a round pendant with the words inside the round casing reading, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”  This amazing quote from Darth Vader was a PERFECT addition to this box and I’m so excited to wear this!

The goodie this month was a stunning tote bag by Appraising Pages which reads:
“I am one with the force & the force is with me.”
I absolutely love this bag and am so thrilled to add it to my collection of beautiful totes – definitely one of my favorites!

The print this month, created by Copper Kettle Co featured a stunning watercolor print of Han’s blaster gun.  This was so beautiful and I’ll definitely be framing this for my boyfriend!

Finally, I opted for the tea this month which was called Awaken by Dryad Tea!  It smells wonderful and I’m really excited to give this a try!

Overall this was another stunning month from Authored Adornments!  Unfortunately, they’ve stopped creating monthly boxes but I always recommend taking a peek at their Etsy shop and grabbing some of their STUNNING products!


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