Once Upon a Young Adult Book Club – May 2017


The May YA Once Upon a Book Club box featured a contemporary that I am so excited to be sharing with our subscribers along with an array of adorable gifts!  Check out an exclusive coupon code at the very end to get your own box!

As always, this is NOT a review – As an employee of the Once Upon a Book Club company, this is a synopsis of the book and items included in our May, Young Adult box.

Our May box was one of my favorites to put together and I was so excited to include a contemporary book this month!  The title, Between Two Skies by Joanne O’Sullivan was a beautiful cover that immediately grabbed my attention, reminding me of a sunset.  After beginning to read and discovering that the book takes place in southern Louisiana, I knew this was going to be a powerful read.

The title discusses an array of issues that I thought were important for teens to read about – from parental struggles, to sibling rivalry, to first loves, all of these powerful messages were woven together beautifully in the pages of this book.  I was so excited to get this book into the hands of our readers.  If you’d like to read my full review of the book, click here!

Moving on to the gifts this month…

This month’s box featured four beautiful gifts inspired by the book and I’m so excited to share them in detail with all of you ask well as why we chose to include what we did!

The first gift on page 30 was quite simple, a pink detangling brush.  We had a lot of emails from people about why we chose the color pink and the answer is simple – it matched the cover of the book.  All the other shades that were available were quite dark and we thought this would be the best fit.

We selected this for it’s simplistic role in the book, a moment between Evangeline and her grandmother, where she is simply brushing her grandmother’s hair before bed.  This was a beautiful moment between generations and was a wonderful example of a ‘before’ scene, prior to Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it caused.

The next gift on page 88 was an adorable ‘tiara’ inspired headband.  In order to make it more versatile, it can be flipped to be worn to upside down to make it less ‘tiara-y’.  We thought this was a fun addition to the box, as in many scenes with Tru and Evangeline, she is wearing a tiara.

The third gift on page 102 was a two-parter, with the wrapping itself actually being a pretty sturdy, felt laptop/tablet case.  The color was really cute and the wrapped closure allows for plenty of room to expand to add wires, papers and more inside with your gadgets.

Inside the case was a custom designed menu from the restaurant run by Evangeline’s mother.  The scene where this item is mentioned in the book is absolutely heartbreaking and it was something we were more than happy to exclusively create in order to bring it to life for our readers.

Finally, our fourth gift, on page 236 smelled amazing through the wrapping!  We custom designed and created a gumbo bag with instructions and additional ingredients that could be added to create a meal inspired by a Louisiana classic mentioned consistently throughout the book.  The bag read “Miss Denise’s Louisana Gumbo and contained a delicious array of rice and spices that can be mixed together to create a delicious meal!

We were really excited to include this authentic recipe for our readers, not only to help bring the book to life even further but also because food and family went hand and hand in this novel and we wanted to incorporate that somehow (as we weren’t able to send everyone a fresh batch of homemade gumbo, ready to eat!).

We had such a fun time with this box and we’re hopeful it was enjoyable!  Right now, we do have a few extra boxes available on our website for purchase by clicking here!  Once these are gone, they’re gone so I recommend grabbing them while you can!


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