Half Blood Prints Monthly – May 2017


The May Half Blood Prints Monthly box featured a classic fandom with a new twist- welcoming Star Wars: Rogue One!

I was so excited when I heard that Star Wars was getting another box from Half Blood Prints Monthly, but even more excited when I discovered it was going to be based on Rogue One!

After seeing the movie, it quickly became one of my, if not my all-time favorite Star Wars movie.  It was so realistic and I quickly fell in love with each of the characters so obviously I was pretty excited (so excited in fact, I ordered two boxes just so my boyfriend and I could have matching shirts!)

The first piece this month was indeed the shirt, which reads:
“Rebellions are built on hope.”
This text, written into the rebel alliance symbol was so perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better focal point this month.  So thrilled to have these to wear to Disney World later this year!

The next piece included was a piece of ‘rebellion propaganda’ as I’m sure the Empire would claim it to be.  This 8×10 poster reads:
“Save the Rebellion.  Save the Dream.”
I love the simplicity of this piece but it’s still so detailed and moving.  Absolutely going to be framed as soon as possible.

The calendar sticker for the month of June (so we can use it the whole month) features the classic quote “May the force be with us.”  Never gets old, does it?

The magnet, featuring my new favorite droid, K2SO, injected a bit of humor into this month’s box, with his quote.
“I’ll  be there for you.  Cassian said I had to.”
Definitely a perfect, light item to include (and take it’s rightful place on my fridge!)

Finally, this month’s bookmark featured everyone’s favorite bad guy, Darth Vader and his memorable words,
“Be careful not to choke on your aspirations.”
Always giving advice – such a helpful soul.

Overall this box was AMAZING.  I was so happy with everything and I’m so glad I was able to grab (two!).

If you’d like to grab your own Half Blood Prints Monthly, you can head to their website!


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