Once Upon a Book Club – May 2017

The May, Adult Once Upon a Book Club featured our first sci-fi romance novel, as well as an array of beautiful gifts that helped bring this amazing title to life for our readers!

We were so excited to include Love and Gravity by Samantha Sotto – our first sci-fi romance novel to ever be included in our boxes!  We have never done this genre, so we were really excited about how it was going to be received by our subscribers.  We had a really positive response to it, so we’re hopeful this is the beginning of expanding the genres we chose to include in our Adult boxes!

Love and Gravity was a beautiful title that was actually only published as an E-book to everywhere outside of the Philippines, but we reached out to the publisher and they worked with us to get these books in print for all of our subscribers.  This was another first for us at Once Upon a Book Club and we were so proud to get this done!

What really intrigued us about Love and Gravity was the unique story that was told; a star-crossed love between a modern day musician and Sir Isaac Newton, breaking the boundaries of time to find each other.  This was such an intriguing and unique story, I couldn’t wait to dive into it!  To see my full review, you can click here!

We also included a set of five wonderful (and many custom!) gifts for our readers to open as they made their way through Andrea and Isaac’s story.

The first gift, on page 26 was an adorable wreath of pink roses, as worn by Andrea as a young girl.  We thought this was a fun (and wonderfully early) gift to be included in the box!  Though it may be a bit of a ‘young’ gift, this was a unique item that we felt we could execute well and we were excited to hear our readers reactions to it.

The second gift, the envelope for this month, on page 61 was actually a letter from Isaac to Andrea.  This was a turning point for the story, where suddenly ‘the boy in the wall’ isn’t just something pretend from Andrea’s childhood – he’s real.  This incredible realization had to be documented with something so we decided to include this letter.

The next gift, on page 81 was a beautiful, multi-colored bracelet with a silver lotus charm in the center of it.  This is given to Andrea while she’s traveling abroad and we felt it rang true to the worldly memento gifted to her.  I have actually worn mine as an anklet as it is a bit long, but the colors are so lovely, it’s a perfect addition to any outfit.

Page 119 was up next, and inside this larger box was a beautiful, space-themed watch!  Not only was this watch beautiful on the front but engraved in the back of the watch was a message from Andrea to Isaac, just like in the book.  We loved that we were able to customize this piece to fit the story exactly.

Finally, on page 315, we were able to create a two-part gift, featuring a custom printed handkerchief with the location as mentioned in the book, wrapped around the necklace that Nate is wearing.  We were SO excited and this was probably my favorite gift in the entire book.  I loved this moment (no spoilers!) and I was so excited to include a gift from this point in the story!

Overall, this box may have featured a lot of accessories, however all of them played a key role in the story.  I was so excited to be apart of this month’s box and I hope you enjoyed it if you received it!

Unfortunately, we have sold out of these boxes, but we are always creating new ones each and every month!  You can check out our website for details or even to sign up for a future Once Upon a Book Club!  We’d love to hear your thoughts of the box, so be sure to comment below!


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