Flitwicks Box – June 2017


This month’s stunning collection of Flitwick’s Box goodies was so beautiful and delicate – I cannot wait to share them with you!

All three pieces this month from Flitwick’s Box coordinated together or worn separately to create a seamless and beautiful collection of three pieces that can be dressed up or down.

The first piece was a pair of teardrop shaped, burgundy stud earrings.  These were stunning and a classic piece to be worn on a regular basis and I’m thrilled to have something in this dark red to add to my collection.

Also included was an apricot toned, oval and silver ring.  This adorable piece was pretty big on me and after some wiggling (and some pliers!) I was able to squeeze it down to fit.  I love this piece and I’ll definitely be rocking this often!

Finally, as both other pieces were quite simple I knew the necklace was going to be a detailed piece and I was NOT disappointed!  A stunning set of six silver strands, each featuring a unique droplet pendant was a beautiful piece to tie together all three pieces.  The droplets (in an array of shapes) created an ombre effect throughout the necklace and is a jaw-dropping statement piece.

Unfortunately, it is quite long to encompass each of these strands and unless I’m wearing a plunging v-neck dress, you’ll never see the bottom droplet as it simply disappears behind typical tees and v-necks.  I’m hopeful I’m able to shorten the chain and at least make it so I can wear it without taking anything apart.

This is a beautiful collection of pieces from Flitwick’s Box this month and I’m so excited about having a few simple, everyday pieces as well as one stunning statement piece – a perfect combination if you ask me!

If you’d like to give Flitwick’s Box a try, head to their website and check them out!


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