Dare Mighty Things by Heather Kaczynski (ARC Review)

4.5 / 5 Stars

Goodreads Description
THE RULES ARE SIMPLE: You must be gifted. You must be younger than twenty-five. You must be willing to accept the dangers that you will face if you win.

Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Gupta’s entire life has been leading up to this—the opportunity to travel to space. But to secure a spot on this classified mission, she must first compete against the best and brightest people on the planet. People who are as determined as she to win a place on a journey to the farthest reaches of the universe.
Cassie is ready for the toll that the competition will take; the rigorous mental and physical tests designed to push her to the brink of her endurance. But nothing could have prepared her for the bonds she would form with the very people she hopes to beat. Or that with each passing day it would be more and more difficult to ignore the feeling that the true objective of the mission is being kept from her.

As the days until the launch tick down and the stakes rise higher than ever before, only one thing is clear to Cassie: she’ll never back down . . . even if it costs her everything.

My Review
If I’m being honest and I saw this cover in a bookstore, I would not have purchased this. But when I received this from Harper Collins, the summary immediately grabbed me and I knew I needed to read this as soon as I had an opportunity to.

Dare Mighty Things was a fast-paced, incredible contemporary sci-fi novel that takes place in the near future of 2042 where infertility is an epidemic and Cassie Gupta was among one of the first “designer babies”. At 18, she is faced with an incredible opportunity – to be apart of an elite team to travel into space on a classified mission. Getting selected however is a challenge in itself.

Cassie is an amazing main character. She’s no nonsense, super intelligent, half-Indian and asexual who lets none of those things define her. I literally could not have designed a better main character. She was so interesting to watch grow and blossom and doubt everything about not only other competitors but also herself. At 18, she’s the youngest competitor for this mission and to see that affect her mindset in a situation like this was intriguing, and Kaczynski did a phenomenal job of portraying her thought process and how an 18-year-old would react. I thought it was also incredibly interesting to make her asexual. I’ve never read a book with the main character not interested in romance with anyone, but it was refreshing and though it was mentioned throughout the story, being asexual didn’t define Cassie, even when she came to terms with it. She accepted it as a part of who she was and she kept moving forward and I loved that it was just another piece to the Cassie story and didn’t become the whole novel.

Luca was interesting. I thought of him as the perfect poster child that every book needs but as the title went on my suspicions grew about him and I wanted to know more. Mitsuko and Emilio were both adorable and wonderful friends to Cassie and I’m so glad she had them throughout this experience.

I loved the writing style and thought the novel was fast-paced and attention grabbing. I loved the transitions between chapters as most of them made me want to just read “one more chapter” but always ended up reading another and another after that. It was fluid and I was really happy with how well put together it was.

The ending was….interesting. I wanted to love it but it was so much so fast that I really didn’t process it. I had to put the book down and reread the ending a few days later to really appreciate it and I do now! But during my initial reading, it seemed very abrupt and like it could have been fleshed out more than it was.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this title and I’m eager for the second half of this duology! The ending, though abrupt, left me with plenty of questions and I’m eager for answers!

Loved this book and I’m eager for the ending!

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