Fandom of the Month Club – June 2017


The June Fandom of the Month Club ‘dug up’ some stellar pieces of jewelry to be added to my collection!

This month’s Fandom of the Month Club featured a fandom that many of us know and love but haven’t had much jewelry to show off to represent it, as it’s often referenced as a boys film.  Well, move over boys because these pieces are absolutely perfect to wear for a day of Dino-watching!

The quote card this month featured a quite simple background of dinos that really represented the Jurassic Park theme!  The magnet was, in my opinion, absolutely PERFECT and so ideal to include when creating something inspired by these amazing films!

The first piece of jewelry this month was a ‘piece of amber’ ring with the mosquito trapped in it!  I thought this was such a great idea for a ring, though I’m not sure how much I’ll wear it personally!

The next piece was a really cute key chain with the phrase “I’m the Alpha” as well as a colored dangle featuring the Jurassic Park logo!  I did discover this was available in multiple colors and it was random which color you received!  I love the icy blue I got in my bag and my fiance loves it as well (he was in need of a keychain and this was perfect!)

This month’s bag featured double the earrings that it usually contains and I was so excited to see both a pair of dangles AND a pair of studs!  The dangles featured a T-Rex while the studs represent the Pterodactyl.  I personally am a much bigger fan of the studs this month and will absolutely wear these always.  The dangles look quite cheap with the fish hooks being so large compared to the actual dangle – I just wish they flowed better together!

Finally, the crown jewel of this box – the necklace!  This stunning and complex burnished gold piece displays the intricacies of the dinosaur and it could not be more perfect.  When on, the dino lays perfectly flat against the wearer so it’s easy to see what it is!  Fair warning, the chain is quite long so in order to show it off completely, I’d recommend something incredibly low cut or with a really high neckline!

This month’s Jurassic Park themed box showed just how stylish this movie can be!  Which piece is your favorite?

If you’re interested in trying out Fandom of the Month, head to their website!  We never know what next month will be, and it could be your fandom!



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