GlobeIn – June 2017


The June Al Fresco box from Globe In was the perfect way to welcome summertime and the potential picnic to come!

The Al Fresco box from Globe In was honestly not one I was looking forward to, but upon opening it I was pleasantly surprised by what it contained!

I knew the overall theme was outdoor picnic style items, so I was intrigued by what they might include.

The first item and my personal favorite of the entire box was the Serape, made in Mexico.  This beautiful blanket was absolutely stunning and incredibly thick and soft.  I immediately added it as an accent piece in my living room and it created a perfect pop of color that I definitely needed on my dark furniture.

This stunning blanket is absolutely beautiful, too beautiful in my opinion to be used for a picnic.  That said, this was a stellar first item for me and a great start to this box!

The next item was hand-painted in India, and was an enamel plate.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the image in the booklet they included but when I took the plate out of the box I was surprised by its weight and beautiful finish.  Though the plate is metal (so it’s a no-go in the microwave), I’ll be likely to use this for appetizers at a small get-together around the house as this is just a beautiful conversation piece!

Also from Mexico in this month’s box was a hand-woven utensil holder.  I never thought I’d need one of these but I honestly can’t imagine going without it now.  I throw a clean fork and knife often into it and then toss it into my purse or lunch bag for quick meals on the run and it holds everything perfectly!  I am so excited about having this as a part of my regular lunch-time routine!

Finally, the let down of the box was a bag of plantain chips from Colombia.  The taste was superb and I thought these were a fantastic snack, however for the cost of the box, I’d much prefer something that I can use and enjoy over a long period of time rather than something to eat once.  I was a bit disappointed that this expensive of a box went toward a bag of chips, but the other items I received calmed me down quite a bit.

Overall, this box was a beautiful tribute to outdoor dining and included three stunning, reusable and practical items that I can’t wait to weave into my life.  The chips were a bit of a letdown but I know not everything can always be a winner.

If you haven’t checked out Globe In yet, I highly recommend you do as these stunning goodies help small, independent artisans from around the globe!  Head to Globe In now to see what’s new!


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