The Girl


I’m 23-years-old.  I’ve realized that I am not getting any younger, but writing that somehow makes me sound as though I’m ungrateful to be 23. I am in the prime of my life as most people would say – I have plenty of time to figure things out and those dreams that make me feel as though I’m running through waist deep water will come with time. Yet I’m not getting any younger, and these dreams aren’t exactly going to achieve themselves.  That’s where my motivation comes in, and the whole reason behind this blog.

My name is Logan Ashley LeDuc.  I’m an idealist, who plans to somehow leave her mark in this world.  My role models range from J.K. Rowling to Hannah Brencher and I can only hope that one day, I’ll be as memorable as these women have been before me.

I’m easily distracted and slightly irrational, yet I can be one of the most motivated and hardworking young women you’ll ever meet.  I fall in and out of love too quickly, I’m an ambivert, an aquarius, and my parent’s worst nightmare.  I cherish homemade apple sauce, boys who can sing, and foreign accents.

I welcome books with open arms, but know that you can definitely have too much of a good thing…then forgetting to care.  I’m a proud bibliophile and own more books than I’ll probably ever read and continue to buy more.  But how much of a problem can a love of words really be?

I’ve been the girl who works two jobs and cries on her way to each because she dreads going, so trust me when I say I’ve been there.  I’ve also worked at the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’, and loved every bit of heading to Disney World on a daily basis.  I have met some incredible people on Instagram’s “Bookstagram” and they’ve helped me through some tough times.  To all the people on all my mini-adventures in this great big adventure called life – I owe you one.

I have to trust that I was meant to do something great.  For without that trust in myself, how could I possibly believe the words of someone else?  With all that said, I don’t know where this road will take me, but I’m glad your here for this piece of it.  Whether you’ve been in the backseat singing since we first waved goodbye, or just hitched a ride at my last pit-stop, I hope you stick around for a while.  This trip is a lot more fun with you along for the ride.


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