Once Upon a Young Adult Book Club – May 2017


The May YA Once Upon a Book Club box featured a contemporary that I am so excited to be sharing with our subscribers along with an array of adorable gifts!  Check out an exclusive coupon code at the very end to get your own box!

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Once Upon a Book Club (Young Adult) – April 2017


As a team member for Once Upon a Book Club, I was always eager to receive the boxes and see what Michelle had selected; the kinds of stories she felt her readers needed to hear, the items that felt as though she’d pulled them straight from the pages of the books, all the little pieces of herself she stuck between the pages as she sent these titles to strangers to enjoy.

With the announcement of the Once Upon a Young Adult Book Club, my turn to create a box had arrived, and with it a sea of challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.  Pictured above is the wrapped contents of the April YA box, my very first one.  I’m so excited to share the contents with all of you as well as a special coupon code at the end of this post!

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