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Oh, you made it all the way here?  Maybe you clicked here by accident.  Either way, I’d love to hear from you.

To get in contact with me about anything regarding my writing, questions, comments or inquiries, please contact me at:

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If you’re an author or publisher seeking a review, please contact me at:

Genres I Generally Accept:

  • Most Young Adult (Non-Fiction & Fiction, Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Fantasy, Contemporary, Romance, Paranormal, etc.)
  • Some New Adult (Memoirs, Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical Fiction)
  • NO Erotica, Manga, Graphic Novels, or Religion

I accept physical copies, PDF files or ebooks in Kindle Format ONLY.

If you’re unsure if you’re novel/novella falls under any of the above categories, please feel free to email me anyway – I’m definitely take a look at your pitch.

Please include a brief synopsis of your book, genre you believe it falls under, page count and a cover image/link to your book on other websites (Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc).

I will always review honestly.  If I really dislike a book, trust me, upon reading my review you’ll know.  If I thought it was okay, I won’t rave and if I loved it, oh my goodness I’ll gush about it to anyone who will listen.  I’m not looking to offend anyone or start any arguments because I know how much time was invested into writing these books, but I will be completely honest.  If you’re looking for an instant 5 star review, please look elsewhere.

Please include in your email if you’d like a review by a certain time, but I can not promise it will get done.  If this is not acceptable, please do not send me your book.

I reserve the right to also decline a review on any pitch I receive.  Please do not be offended if I decline to review your book, however I may not feel I am the best fit for reading it and would like to ensure you get an honest and unbiased review.

Reviews Include:

  • A date of review
  • A cover photo
  • A Goodreads description
  • Series (if applicable)
  • Link to Goodreads
  • A rating out of 5 stars
  • My HONEST review
  • Would I recommend it to others? Honestly.

All reviews are posted on Goodreads and Twitter, and will be promoted on Instagram.  If you’d like the review posted on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, please include so in your initial email request.

FTC Disclaimer:

In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, I would like to make it known that books reviewed have been obtained via my own purchases on my own time, borrowed, or received in exchange for an honest review by a publisher or author.  I will never accept compensation (monetary or otherwise) for a review. No exceptions.

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