My First Buzzfeed Article


I’m very excited to announce that I have officially released my first Buzzfeed article into the Internet world and I’m so thrilled with the feedback I’ve received so far!  If you’d like to check it out, share it, comment on it, like it, or all of the above, I’d be eternally grateful!

The shops featured are some of my favorites and I’m very lucky to have been asked to write this for them.  Check it out!

Humans of Bookstores

I am so pleased to announce a new section to my site, entitled Humans of Bookstores.  This fun, new category will feature strangers and their stories from the bookstores I visit.

I decided that seeing as I take photos of books while I’m in bookstores…why not take photos of the people reading them as well?  They are obviously there for a reason and deserve to have their story told, just as much as the stories they’re purchasing.

I’m so grateful to every single one of the people that allow me to not only interview them, but to take a few minutes out of their day to talk to me about the books they love.  Reading is one of those things that bring people together and I’m so lucky to be apart of such an amazing community.

Not only will I be featuring their stories/quotes on this site, but I’ll also be featuring them on Facebook, InstagramTumblr, & Twitter as well.  Be sure to give us a follow there for the easiest way to be notified of new interviews!