The Comeback.

It has been years since I properly utilized this blog for what its original intent.  I created this as a place to discuss the challenges of writing and how I overcome them, and while I have had an IMG_20190907_170132_926abundance of challenges, I have certainly NOT been sharing them here. I’m excited to finally be back and am eager to dive into the goodness that is being an aspiring author.
I live in Arizona now, and my goodness, is the heat something I was not expecting.  I’m still getting used to it but I look forward to its end soon as we near the fall months.  While this was a big change from the Nutmeg State I’ve grown up in, I am incredibly excited for this new opportunity and the experiences it will provide me. Continue reading

15 Years Later – In Memory of 9/11.

When 9/11 happened, I was six years old.  I was in my third week as a second grader and that is about all I remember regarding my life at that time.  I remember I got to leave school early.  I remember my mom wouldn’t let me turn on the TV.  I remember everyone whispering around me and my younger brother.

But I don’t remember IT.  It being the thing everyone was trying to keep hidden from us.  We weren’t allowed to know and the adults in our lives tried to preserve our innocence a little longer before they told us a few times, trying to keep us from fearing everything but still trying to get us to understand just how serious this was.

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